Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week


Vertex and Magento Team Up

Vertex and Magento announced an integration recently that should help simplify sales tax and use protocol.  Read more on what’s in store for retailers and how this integration may help…

Companies Gear Up to Meet New Tax Law Requirements

Find out why only one third of US companies feel they are ready to implement new tax law protocols and what the other two thirds of companies plan to do about it…

IRS Revises HSA contribution limit

The IRS had reduced the HSA contribution limit in the 2018 tax reform law.  However, now the IRS has once again increased the HSA contribution limit.  Read the full article here…

The IRS Offers Explanation for “Tip Box” Handling

After reviewing a case, the IRS has offered further explanations on how to address the “tip box” issue when it comes to employer reports.

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