Top Accounting News – 3/12/18

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News: 3/12/18

Will lack of training on accounting software undermine a state’s financial strength?

After a promising start in 2013, accounting software, MAGIC, has Mississippi’s accounting process in a tailspin.  Evidence shows the problem may be the result of insufficient training or a lack of experienced users, but as the accounting errors continue to rise with alarming rate, Mississippi officials fear for their financial security.  Read the full story here…

More departures at Tesla

Tesla’s chief accounting officer has now been added to the recent tesla management exodus. Read more on how Tesla intends to bring an end to this disastrous trend.

Are China’s effort to avoid a banking crisis falling flat?  

Although China’s economy is reporting signs of improvement, they are not yet out of hot water.  Deleveraging efforts have slowed credit growth, but some experts feel this may only be a short term remedy and must seek other solutions for long term stability. Watch the interview here.

CPAs not the only accounting shortage in America

We all know CPAs are in high demand right now, but it seems we have another shortage as far as accounting professionals are concerned.  Accounting professorships are becoming increasingly harder to fill and University’s are struggling to maintain standards of education.  Find out how philanthropists are taking up the cause to ensure University’s have the resources to recruit top accounting professors.


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